Physicians - I am here for YOU.

With over 8 years of experience learning and growing functional medicine departments I understand your needs.

I've heard the contrary of moving the practice to a more functional medicine base

  1. Insurance doesn't cover! - but insurance isn't covering enough for the patients you have either
  2. How do I package and sell supplements?
  3. I don't have the time to learn all of this or the time to spend 30-60 minutes with each patient
  4. I've heard " I've hired nutritionist.... They don't have the right scope of practice I need and I'm not the one to train them" or " I can't afford the overhead with a nutritionist that insurance doesn't cover and patients don't want to pay out of pocket for her cost"
  5. It's been years of trial and error even by Spectrum health in Grand Rapids and The Cleveland Clinic to develop a profitable Functional medicine department.

I know you've imagined and probably already plotted a way of adding cash pay services into your practice. How to bring in more money while giving the best support to your patients. How do I hire a staff member that brings in thousands over their wage?

Innate Medical Nutrition is here for you!!!

We offer multiple services to support you and your clinic to move to the next level incorporating Functional medicine and nutritional services into your practice.
What we do!

  • Develop signature programs for your practice to fit your neitch clientele
  • Versed in packages and marketing to generate a second source of cash paying income into your practice
  • Assist you in utilizing all resources at your fingertips to your advantage including - HCG, Sermorelin, Supplements, LDN, IV nutrition, Injectables, Specialty testing
  • We provide trained functional medicine nutritionist to execute the programs.
  • We provide training for hired nutritionists to continue to execute developed programs

Let us take all the stress off you and grow the
future of medicine right in your practice!!!!

Our nutritionist allows you to focus on your patients and day while adding the specialty support needed to collect history information, give coaching and guidance, sell your new specialty programs or cash-based services.

Can your patients really get enough support? Are you really able to give them all the support needed on your own? We provide the missing piece of nutrition, support and specialty services only a physician can offer to support you and your patients to the fullest.

Your patients come to you because they trust you, know you, and love you. They need you to provide all options to them to truly have the best quality of life and picture of a healthy future. Majority of them know it takes more then pharmaceutical medication to get there. They are always looking for more. Always googling new technologies, medications, supplements, etc to enhance their life. Be the one to give them what they are looking for in a safe way that gets results.

Please contact at and Jena Salisbury will personally set up a meeting where she will listen to all of your needs and wants for your practice and patients. Each practices' needs are very different and she will get extremely specific to meet those needs to reach your goals with no stress.