About Jena

Hello Everyone!

I'm Jena Salisbury a Functional Medicine Nutritionist who has been practicing over 8 years. I received my bachelor's in dietetics and master certificate in holistic health from Western Michigan University in 2011 -- go Broncos! I also completed CNC (Certified Clinical Nutrition counselor) through the American Nutrition Association. I have been actively practicing Reiki and Urevia energy healing practices. This has made a large impact on a majority of my clients when working through the difficulties of lifestyle changes, old programming, and just to relax and realign with their goals. I am a certified Reiki teacher and Urevia master. Right out of school, I was blessed with the opportunity to start working with passionate Doctors who believed in powerful alternative modalities to healing and the importance of nutrition. I ensure I stay up to date with the latest research and am providing the best supplements and care for all my clients, I attend conferences, functional forums and continue to stay up to date with the latest research. Over my years with them, I've assisted in creating multiple programs to address prevalent concerns for the majority of our patients. I have worked with thousands of clients to reach their health goals, naturally and effectively. I have created Innate Medical Nutrition LLC and these programs have perfected them for long-lasting results. Here is my space to share with you my findings and results, answer your questions, and give you ALL of the tools needed to re-balance your body and health long term.